Actions to take after finding asbestos at home

As we lead in providing asbestos removal Wiltshire homeowners can trust in, we know a great deal about it. If you ever discover the harmful materials at home, it can be hard to decide what actions to take. Deciding if you should contact an expert or clear it yourself is a common question. The following should give you a firm answer.

Never handle asbestos yourself

You should always leave harmful material where it is. Regardless if it is in good condition, it isn’t worth the risks of disturbing it. Removing asbestos can release more fibres into the air. If you breathe in any of them, it could potentially cause serious health problems in later life.

Additionally, if the asbestos only has slight damage you should leave it. Again, when possible avoid all contact with it. In rare circumstances, you can repair asbestos sheets with sealant or specialist paint. But, don’t ever repair it yourself for the same risks above. Along with this, you could damage it further making it more difficult to remove safely.

In instances where asbestos is seriously damaged it automatically becomes an extreme risk. The moment you realise damaged materials is in your home, contact an experienced removal company immediately. It is vital you source a licensed contractor to remove it properly.

The health risks associated with asbestos

If someone experienced exposure to asbestos fibres it can cause many health problems. Some of them can include asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. The more fibres you’re exposed to, the more likely of developing these diseases. Keep in mind, these health conditions don’t usually develop until 20+ years after exposure.

If you remain unsure about safe removal of this material, remember we can help. As one of the best teams for asbestos removal Wiltshire has, we can arrange the right service for you. 1st Choice Mini Time Skips are specialists and always adhere to the legal requirements for safely handling materials. We have helped many secure their homes.

If you need further advice, please contact us today.