Asbestos can be wet to make it safer to remove

As you can tell from our name, we are a business that works in skip hire, but that’s just one part of what we do here. We are also widely regarded as one of the most skilled companies working in asbestos removal Wiltshire has. Due to the substance’s perilous nature, untrained hands shouldn’t touch it. We are more than prepared to handle it however, maximising safety in the process.

Asbestos isn’t something you can generally just pick up and remove. This could lead to more fibres being released and increase the hazards. One thing to do to help make it safer is to dampen it. Wet asbestos doesn’t release nearly as many fibres into the air.

Of course, even when wetting asbestos you have to be cautious. The last thing you want is to drench the materials and create a refuse slurry. Any electrical equipment within the vicinity needs protecting and isolating too in order to prevent further complications. Any excess water must also be captured and disposed of properly to prevent contamination.

In terms of what gear is required to complete this task, the most essential piece of the puzzle is a wetting agent. Since spraying is the preferred method of dampening the material, a sprayer of some description will be needed. A a low-pressure mechanism with less than 50 psi or a garden-variety spray should suffice. A roller or brush will be necessary as well.

Next we’ll talk about the procedures. Begin by wetting the asbestos but keep in mind that water won’t do a thing by itself when it comes to dampening the asbestos-containing substances. A wetting agent must be used on them. Particular asbestos materials, namely sheet and board forms can’t be entirely moistened, meaning that extra practices will be needed to oversee the dust exposure during screw removal. A class H vacuum cleaner can be aimed at the surface to suck up dust that is generated.

At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips, as industry leaders, we make it our duty to meet every single customer request, whether it’s in regards to asbestos removal or skip hire. We’re fully aware of the dangers posed by hazardous materials, both to ourselves and the general population. As such, we ensure that everyone is safe well before conducting any operations.

Whether you are new to a premises or have left materials alone for a period of time we can handle removing them. In terms of asbestos removal Wiltshire based clients can always trust in us. If you’d like to reach us, you can do so by email or phone, or you can fill out an enquiry form.