Why asbestos is so dangerous?

When carrying out building work, everyone understands the importance of staying safe throughout. This also applies to the disposal of materials. Offering the best asbestos removal Wiltshire could ask for, we provide a safe and efficient service.

In the past, asbestos was very popular and became a common material in the construction of a huge amount of buildings. Importantly it has great insulation and fireproof qualities. Also it adds strength without increasing the weight.

Over the last few decades though, the dangers it presents have become apparent. While it is still a great material, when you disturb it, it releases fibres into the air. This can cause various lung issues along with a very aggressive form of cancer known as mesothelioma. These issues take a long time to develop and diagnosis may come too late.

Banning order

The material was officially banned by the UK in 1999. But, did you know that accidents on the road don’t kill as many people as asbestos does every year? Some countries still use it though, including Canada and China. In the UK, more than 12,600 schools contain it because they were built when it was still acceptable to use.

Asbestos is dangerous to those carrying out work on buildings which contain it. If a building is pre-2000, there is a high possibility that it will be present. The smart thing to do is always call professionals like us. We use our expertise and knowledge to dispose of it in a safe and correct manner.

Lots of tasks and projects can leave you with large amounts of rubbish and waste. Choose the easy solution and come to a company like 1st Choice Mini Time Skips. Not only do we dispose of your waste with the environment in mind, but we also provide asbestos removal Wiltshire can depend on. Be safe and get in touch with us today.