Asbestos removal is best left to professionals

Ours is the team for asbestos removal Wiltshire clients trust to deliver first class work. With our expert knowledge and extensive experience, we know what is necessary to finish a job to high standards. Our methods are thorough and safe, both of which are vital with a dangerous material like asbestos.

Take Care

Asbestos can be common in buildings built before the year 2000. When left in place where no one will affect it, the material isn’t an issue. When people disturb it though, this is when there is a serious problem.

People who come into contact with asbestos fibres are at high risk of harm. The fact that this material is dangerous is why there are laws in place regarding using it and removing it from buildings. If you disturb it fibres can spread into the air and cause serious health problems in anyone who inhales them.

If you are aware that it is present in a building you live in or are working on, you should leave it alone and consult a specialist. In addition, if you are doing any demolition or alterations in a building from before 2000 you should have an asbestos survey before work begins.


If people inhale asbestos, there is a big chance that it will become trapped there. Exposure to this substance can cause diseases like asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

You can make the decision to remove this material from a structure. However, you should always call in an expert to do it because this is a hazardous job. You can also ensure that you adhere to the guidelines set out by the Government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Common removal methods include sealing the area and wetting the material to make it safer to remove. This is followed by securing the asbestos and disposing of it in a safe manner.

Safe disposal is paramount when it comes to asbestos. To arrange professional asbestos removal Wiltshire clients can call on us. Our team can tell you more about what it is that we do, all you have to do is reach out to us.