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Asbestos and why it is dangerous

1st Choice Mini Time Skips offers extensive waste disposing services, dealing with routine materials and some hazardous ones like asbestos. We provide excellent standards with every single service, ensuring we effectively cater for the needs of our clients and maximise safety. We are proud to be the most competent provider of asbestos removal Wiltshire has, understanding the hazards and how to overcome them. If you have ever wondered why the material is so dangerous, this information may help. Continue reading

Give yourself enough time and space

As one of the premier providers of skip hire in Wiltshire we make it a point to offer our clients an unrivalled experience. As the years have passed, we have accumulated much knowledge, not only on waste disposal, but on the area as well. This has enabled us to give customers the very finest of services. Offering an impressive collection of skips at reasonable rates, our company should be your number one choice. Continue reading

Could recycling asbestos soon be an option?

Whenever someone is in desperate need of asbestos removal in Wiltshire our talented and professional team can deliver a great service. Being 100% aware of the substance and the dire threat that it poses, we practice only the safest methods of removal at our company. Dedicated towards keeping everyone safe, we are the ones to call whenever the material is present in a property and needs to be safely dealt with. Continue reading

Knowing your measurements can help prevent overloading

Over the past twenty years, we have built up quite the reputation for ourselves as one of the most dependable providers of skip hire in Wiltshire. Offering skips of varying sizes to suit differing circumstances, we aim to supply you with a means of waste disposal like no other. Perfect for a number of situations, our skips should be your first choice when you need to clear a property or site. Continue reading

Keep your workplace safe from asbestos

Within Wiltshire, we are known far and wide as one of the top providers of waste disposal and skip hire services. While we primarily deal in hiring out skips to domestic, commercial and industrial clients, another crucial area of our business is the asbestos removal work we conduct. Carefully planned and carried out with the upmost safety, our removal efforts always meet the highest standards. Continue reading

Deadline discussed for asbestos removal

As we reach the end of another year it’s quite normal for all of us to want to take a bit of a break and have a peaceful, relaxed time. This is perhaps all the more true in 2016, going on how event filled it seems to have been. In terms of the work we do in asbestos removal across Wiltshire, however, we have a tendency to see it not so much as the passing of another year as we do moving one closer to a deadline for the complete removal of this substance. Continue reading

Disposing of plastic in skips can increase recycling

Waste disposal can be a simple task or a huge undertaking depending on the scale of the project. When it’s the latter, you need an appropriate and practical place to put all the rubbish. There’s no need to fret though; our skips are the perfect tools to get the job done in these situations. Coming in sizes that range from 2 yards right up to an impressive 40 yards, the modules we employ can accommodate various loads without fail. Continue reading

Are skips hygienic?

Over the years we have been very happy to discuss the benefits our skip hire services bring to you. We trust that the information provided has always answered most of the questions you have. As part of our commitment towards delivering as much information as possible about using a skip, what we’d like to do is take some time to address concerns people have about how hygienic using one is. Continue reading