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Working towards a safer environment

Having learned much over the last two decades, our asbestos removal service has become widely recognised across Wiltshire. We aren’t just known for the sheer quality of our work though, as we provide all of our services at exceptional prices as well. So, if you are looking for a functional and affordable company to take on the project, you have come to the right place. Continue reading

Leave it to the professionals

Skips are undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to waste disposal methods. Because of their size, they are able to hold a huge amount of rubbish that can then be properly disposed of. Our company provides a vast array of skip hire services to Wiltshire with the intention of leaving your property waste free. Continue reading

Cut down on mess by arranging skip hire early

Even the smallest skips tend to have an impressive capacity and can be used to get rid of a surprisingly large volume of waste. Hiring a skip offers great flexibility because you can arrange delivery when it is needed and keep the skip until you are finished with it. It is wise to organise the hire before you start your project, so as soon as it arrives it can be filled with waste right away. This will help cut down the amount of mess on the site and eliminate any delays. Continue reading

Providing safe and legal asbestos removal services

Over the years, we have gained an excellent reputation for skip hire amongst both residential and commercial clients. It is not uncommon for our commercial jobs to involve refuse which could be considered asĀ  potentially harmful, which means special skills are needed to ensure safe removal and disposal. This is particularly the case with asbestos. To make sure that you comply with the laws surrounding disposing of such waste, we provide professional trained and certified work and handle these hazardous materials with the utmost in professionalism. Continue reading

We can offer a skip for even the largest projects

Roll on/roll off skips are the largest you can opt for and are available in sizes ranging up to 40 cubic yards. These huge containers can be used to remove a very large amount of waste from a site, making them perfect for sizeable building and industrial projects. They offer convenience and can potentially save you money as you will not need to hire multiple smaller modules. Continue reading

Working on your garden this winter

Winter can be a frustrating time of the year for passionate gardeners. Many of the plants and trees in the garden will stop growing over this period and there will be very few jobs to do. One thing you can think about is the hardscaping and the items you’ll need to clear up before the arrival of spring. You can be proactive and get rid of the green waste and other rubbish at this time of year to reduce your workload when the warm weather arrives. Continue reading

Choosing a skip for a large project

Roll on roll off skips are the largest you can hire and can range up to an incredible 40 yards. They are designed for very large projects where a sizeable amount of waste is produced. The impressive capacity means you don’t need to worry about having to hire smaller units and deal with frequent changeovers. With a single large module you can save on costs and reduce disruptions to the project. Continue reading