The dangers of handling asbestos improperly

We are a company that works hard to be the most competent one specialising in asbestos removal Wiltshire has. Our team are all fully aware of the dangers of this material. As a result, we are always ready when a client needs help. We plan every job with care, ensuring we leave an environment that is both safe and clean.

It is illegal for anyone to remove asbestos if they do not have the right qualifications and accreditations. At the same time, it poses a big health risk. As such, it is vital that we raise awareness on the consequences if contractors mismanage the material in any way.

How to deal with asbestos

Regardless of the type of building, asbestos remains an issue if it is a certain age. It is vital to correctly identify, manage, and contain the substance. You should let us handle the job as we work to lower potential exposure and cross contamination.

Being professionals, we know that asbestos removal is something that you cannot cut corners with. Many others do this in the name of saving on the cost. Asbestos fibres and dust are extremely hazardous. They can put the public and the workers at risk of serious health problems. As a result, you must ensure the removal is correct rather than looking to save money.

Duty holders

A duty holder has the responsibility to ensure that appropriate asbestos inspections occur. Their obligations are part of the UK law so they cannot ignore them without the risk of a penalty. The goal is to prevent the risk of asbestos exposure.

One part of the law is that the duty holder should be taking sufficient steps to find dangerous waste. In addition, they must figure out what the risk of someone being exposed to asbestos is.

You might find the material yourself. If so, the Control of Asbestos Regulations demands that you share the results of your survey with those who could be at risk.

Choose an experienced removal team

At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips, we take great care when we attend to your property. We always arrive with the right equipment. Furthermore, our team dress suitably for the occasion, wearing all of the necessary PPE.

If you need help from the top business working in asbestos removal Wiltshire has, contact us today. We can work on homes, commercial properties, public buildings, and more. In each case, we will remove every trace of the hazardous material without exposing anyone to it.