Deadline discussed for asbestos removal

As we reach the end of another year it’s quite normal for all of us to want to take a bit of a break and have a peaceful, relaxed time. This is perhaps all the more true in 2016, going on how event filled it seems to have been. In terms of the work we do in asbestos removal across Wiltshire, however, we have a tendency to see it not so much as the passing of another year as we do moving one closer to a deadline for the complete removal of this substance.

One thing we’ve always appreciated being able to do with our website is keeping you, our valued clients, abreast of news and developments related to the removal of asbestos from our society. In this respect we have in the past mentioned a number of proposals about this, with a frequent idea mooted being the setting of a deadline by when it all needs to be gone. The last all-party Parliamentary focus group meeting concluded with a possible deadline of 2035 being set.

To many of us the year 2035 might seem like quite a long way away. The truth is that it isn’t – it’s less than 20 years from now. Another aspect which must be considered is just how many buildings still have asbestos in them. You might think at this stage it’s limited to one or two installations remaining, but this is in fact far from the case. A recent study has revealed – worryingly – more than 85 schools in Medway alone have been found to have asbestos present.

Whilst no definitive deadline for the removal of asbestos has been agreed to, we hope the points above show not only what a problem the substance is posing but also how seriously the matter is being addressed. We are firmly committed to supporting all initiatives which set out to help resolve this national problem.

At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips we have a great track record with asbestos removal, becoming one of the leading providers based in Wiltshire. If you have any questions for us please get in touch; we will be pleased to provide information related to your queries.