Disposing of plastic in skips can increase recycling

Waste disposal can be a simple task or a huge undertaking depending on the scale of the project. When it’s the latter, you need an appropriate and practical place to put all the rubbish. There’s no need to fret though; our skips are the perfect tools to get the job done in these situations. Coming in sizes that range from 2 yards right up to an impressive 40 yards, the modules we employ can accommodate various loads without fail.

Recycling in general is always a huge concern and is talked about frequently. One of the most contentious materials out there is plastic. There are some varieties of the material that are highly recyclable and others that are not so much. This creates difficulties and means materials needs to be sorted carefully.

Sadly the challenges leave many people simply throwing all of their plastic away rather than recycling. This is particularly true in a number of industries. According to research by the British Plastics Federation, 30,000 tonnes of plastic is manufactured for use in the agricultural industry. The problem is that only about 20% is recycled.

In the UK alone we have to deal with a large amount of waste plastic, and yet, people still ask how it can be disposed of properly. Due to the substance’s nature, it cannot break down via natural means. This means that it will take many, many years to wear away when it is placed in landfill.

The solution you may ask? Recycle as much as possible rather than putting materials in a bin. Our skip hire services are great here because we try to recycle as many of the materials placed in them as possible. This is a much greener, more sustainable option.

At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips, we sort out all the waste that’s placed into our skips to ensure that everything is disposed of correctly. So the next time you look at doing a clearance or disposing or a large amount of plastic please consider our skip hire. We provide services all across Wiltshire and operate a facility in the area.

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