Fly tipping is never an acceptable option

1st Choice provides the skip hire Wiltshire can turn to when they need to deal with rubbish. Hiring a skip is an incredibly convenient way to dispose of different types of waste. You won’t have to worry about transporting it all to the local facility or filling up all the space you have in your bins.

Unfortunately, data shows that cases of fly tipping are rising in the UK. You should never resort to dumping your waste or using rogue traders who won’t be responsible with your items.


One of the most obvious reasons that you should not fly tip is the fact that it is illegal. There are many sites where you can dispose of and recycle your waste. As a result, you cannot just find somewhere and leave it for someone else to deal with.

There are some disreputable waste disposal people who will do this once you pay them to take your waste away. Even though you didn’t dump it, you can end up paying the fines because it is your responsibility to work with a true professional. Make sure you research any company you plan on using.

Fly tipping has a negative effect on the environment. While the extent of the harm depends on the amount and type of waste, it is never good. The rubbish could harm the public and wildlife. Certain waste, such as some construction materials and domestic rubbish will contain chemicals and solvents. These can be very hazardous and require professional disposal. Otherwise, they can leak into the ground and harm eco-systems.

No one likes to see a street corner or private road full of rubbish. This has a negative effect on the reputation of an area and can attract unwanted pests such as rats.

A Better Way

You should reach out to a reputable firm if you have a project that will leave you with a lot of waste. We are a fully licensed waste carrier that will dispose of your items in a responsible way. Call us for the competitively priced skip hire Wiltshire recognises for high standards of work. We have many skip sizes to choose from and always arrange reliable services.