Following regulations with asbestos removal

Asbestos containing waste (ACW) is any product that has a concentration of more than 0.1% of the material. Those products that fall into the category need to be disposed of in line with the Hazardous Waste Regulations. It can only be consigned to a facility that is registered to receive, process, and dispose of it.

One of the regulations is that the Environment Agency must be notified if hazardous waste is produced at a premises. This means that they need to be notified if you are removing any materials that contain asbestos from a site. The rules do not fully apply with households but you should still get in touch with them to find out your obligations. Keep in mind that you are responsible for where the waste ends up.

The key thing when it comes to asbestos removal is to reduce the risk of contamination being spread into the air and throughout a property. To achieve this, areas should be isolated and materials should be removed via a dedicated route. They should also be packed properly to prevent any contaminants from escaping.

Anybody involved in removing asbestos should be highly trained and possess the relevant safety equipment. Materials cannot be simply removed and placing in a skip or disposed of alongside other items. If any contamination is spread everything that has come into contact with it should be cleaned of disposed alongside the asbestos if it is no longer needed.

At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips we have a lot of experience of providing asbestos removal in Wiltshire. We can take on projects of all shapes and sizes, ensuring materials are removed effectively and properly handled. For the largest jobs we have enclosed skips that can be sealed once filled to ensure that contamination cannot be released. These are very useful for transporting items to a site for disposal.

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