Get your garden decking in order

Countless jobs out there produce huge quantities of waste. This can be tricky for those who lack an adequate means of disposal. There’s no need to worry though because we can provide one if you are lacking. Ours is the top business working in skip hire Trowbridge has. We’ll get you a skip that suits your requirements perfectly.

The great British summertime brings many things with it. Notable examples include long evenings, warmth, and brightness. Sadly we may not be seeing it for another few months. However, it’s good to prepare. Towards the end of winter and through spring it is the ideal time to do certain jobs. This includes clearing up waste and making the space ready for more use when it gets warmer. If you produce waste and need to get rid of it, a skip is the perfect option.

Check the decking

One of the main jobs people take on is sorting their garden decking out. A timber or composite deck looks very charming. However it’s easy for it to show up the marks of disrepair or dirt. Usually, you can use power washing to take care of this easily. Some prefer a rapid session of oiling and staining. This makes the decking look like new.

What can I do with broken boards?

In some cases there will be decking that you cannot repair. For example damp might have led to rot. In addition insects could have been attracted and caused even more damage. It’s also possible that they simply have too much wear. You’ll probably want to dispose of them pronto. If so, then skip hire is the most suitable option. You can dispose of old boards as well as any packaging from the new ones. Just keep in mind that tins of paint and protective coating can’t go in skips.

At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips we supply modules and also inform our customers how to use them properly. For example, we tell everyone that they can’t overfill their skip. Additionally, we reveal what they can and can’t put inside. As a result clients can ensure they get the best results when they choose the top skip hire Trowbridge can offer.

If we can assist you at all, please let us know. We are flexible and can take on any job.