Give yourself enough time and space

As one of the premier providers of skip hire in Wiltshire we make it a point to offer our clients an unrivalled experience. As the years have passed, we have accumulated much knowledge, not only on waste disposal, but on the area as well. This has enabled us to give customers the very finest of services. Offering an impressive collection of skips at reasonable rates, our company should be your number one choice.

When it comes to office relocations or closures, chances are that there’s going to be a fair amount of waste being generated. This includes things like old equipment, recyclable materials, furniture and those old, non-sensitive papers that you need not hang on to anymore. During instances like this, people often opt to hire a professional office clearance contractor, which can be somewhat expensive. A far more cost effective method however, would be to hire a skip and have all the suitable refuse placed there.

Skip hire might seem simple enough initially, but without the proper planning in place, everything can fall apart quickly. The first step should be to separate everything into different categories. This will give you an idea of the volume that needs collecting and disposing of. This shall make it easier to decide on the size and number of skips you’ll require, as well as for how long they’ll be needed. In addition it can reveal items that need specialist disposal.

For anyone that is hiring the bigger skips for their office removals, just remember that you may need a skip permit unless the object is placed on private grounds. Additionally, when determining the duration of your skip hire, adding on an extra day to your estimation of how long the removal will take is a sensible suggestion. Not only does this cover you for any unanticipated complications, but you won’t have to rush when filling the skip either.

At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips, in addition to the commercial sector, our services have been called on by industrial and domestic clients too. Aside from skip hire in Wiltshire, we are also proficient in a multitude of other services, including both chemical and asbestos removal. As a result we can provide a great end-to-end solution.

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