Handling asbestos in different situations

Whenever they require top quality asbestos removal Wiltshire locals come to us. We’ve proven ourselves to be the best many times in the past. Our safety standards are very high. Because we know materials of this nature are tricky to work with, we can get each service perfect. We have the skills and tools to handle everything.

You need to remove, pack and dispose of asbestos carefully. The material has a myriad of toxic properties and it’s a known carcinogen. It’s normally not hazardous when in a good enough condition. However, when it’s damaged or worn out, everybody is more at risk. Fibres can flake off and become airborne. To avoid issues, you must know how to deal the material it correctly.


A complete ban on asbestos came into force in the UK in 1999. This came after bans on amosite and crocidolite in 1985. However, countless old buildings still have it. It can be found in various products, including siding, ceiling tiles, insulation, and flooring. Therefore, you must handle these items carefully during demolition and renovation projects.

It would be better if homeowners didn’t try manipulating anything that contains asbestos on their own. You should always trust us with this job.


Asbestos can also be present in various workplace. Again it is most common in older buildings. If there’s any danger, you must have a management plan in place. You’ll be breaking the law otherwise. You should never expect employees to take care of the removal. Additionally, they can’t participate in demolition projects that shall disturb the material. It’s more ideal to let professionals like us manage everything.

At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips, we use our expertise and resources to grant as many requests as possible. You may need us for asbestos removal or skip hire. No matter what your situation is, we’ll assist you however we can.

Our reputation as the top name for asbestos removal Wiltshire offers is built on safety as well as efficiency. We manage even the smallest amount of the material with great care. We even have enclosed skips for safe transportation. If you want to know more about us, please get in touch.