Keep your workplace safe from asbestos

Within Wiltshire, we are known far and wide as one of the top providers of waste disposal and skip hire services. While we primarily deal in hiring out skips to domestic, commercial and industrial clients, another crucial area of our business is the asbestos removal work we conduct. Carefully planned and carried out with the upmost safety, our removal efforts always meet the highest standards.

The management of asbestos has to be done with complete care due to the toxic nature and carcinogenic properties of the material. When in good condition it isn’t usually much of a hazard; only when it becomes damaged or worn does it present a threat. It is at this stage when you should have the professionals come in and take care of it.

By law, any workplace where employees have a chance of encountering asbestos needs to have some form of management system in place. This means that every last ounce of the material has to be both identified and correctly maintained at all times. In addition, those who will be working with the material have to be instructed as to how it should be handled in order to avoid any health issues.

Something else to note is that employees should never be required to manage the removal efforts or take part in any demolition that would disturb the materials. Just like in the home environment, any and all asbestos within the workplace must be taken care of by experienced and licensed individuals such as us. Those who take on the job must be trained in abatement, management and disposal to maximise safety.

At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips we are fully trained to manage every aspect of the asbestos removal in Wiltshire. We can cater for different properties, from large warehouses to shops and even public buildings. We are aware of every danger posed by the substance and will take all the necessary measures to ensure both your safety and our own. If you come across an asbestos problem, call us immediately.