Knowing your measurements can help prevent overloading

Over the past twenty years, we have built up quite the reputation for ourselves as one of the most dependable providers of skip hire in Wiltshire. Offering skips of varying sizes to suit differing circumstances, we aim to supply you with a means of waste disposal like no other. Perfect for a number of situations, our skips should be your first choice when you need to clear a property or site.

Skip hire is a widely known and used disposal strategy, but something you must know prior to hiring one is how much a module will hold. You might think of this matter as a simple one, but in truth, it’s a somewhat complex issue.

To begin with, the skips come in an array of sizes, and are utilised in both industrial and domestic settings. Additionally, units these days stick to the imperial measurements of cubic yards, as opposed to metres. Roughly, a single cubic yard equates to that of a metric tonne of waste, or 1,000 kg. Let’s put it another way. Two standard dishwashers or washing machines, or about 340 normal house bricks, or one upright fridge-freezer would weigh roughly one metric tonne.

When filling up a skip, it’s crucial to remember that the load has to level. Therefore, to aid you in meeting this criterion, the ideal approach would be to select a skip that possesses a faintly bigger capacity than you think your rubbish shall need. The prime skip size for your needs is one that permits you to use every last bit of its space to hold all the waste that you wish to dispose of.

At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips our team knows all that there is about the profession. Every client is different, so we do our best to alter our services so that we can meet their unique requirements. If you require one of our skips at any point, please get in touch with us. We offer cost effective and highly flexible skip hire, catering for all kinds of requirements across Wiltshire.