Is a skip truly helpful during kitchen renovations?

The skip industry may be one that seems straightforward, but the truth is that it’s a bit more complex than you think. For example, you have to be careful with what is put inside them, as there are certain objects that can prove hazardous in more than a few ways. As one of the most experienced businesses specialising in skip hire Wiltshire has, we can give clients assurances that all waste shall be handled in the proper fashion. Continue reading

Start recycling early

Being one of the top businesses specialising in skip hire Wiltshire has available, we offer a service that is unrivalled by any other. Thanks to the dedication we put into our work, not to mention our very generous prices, we have been commended repeatedly, and have become the go to establishment for many. Suitable for the industrial, domestic, and commercial sectors, the skips we have can fulfil an impressive selection of requirements. Continue reading

The trouble with asbestos in old houses

As specialist skip providers, we do our best to make certain that every customer ends up satisfied. This is only one element of our company however; there is another side to us that you might not know about. Using approved techniques and tools, we deal with any harmful materials that are deemed a threat by our clients. As one of the best businesses for asbestos removal Wiltshire has to offer, we are the people to contact if you believe that there are any risks to your own health. Continue reading

Asbestos and why it is dangerous

1st Choice Mini Time Skips offers extensive waste disposing services, dealing with routine materials and some hazardous ones like asbestos. We provide excellent standards with every single service, ensuring we effectively cater for the needs of our clients and maximise safety. We are proud to be the most competent provider of asbestos removal Wiltshire has, understanding the hazards and how to overcome them. If you have ever wondered why the material is so dangerous, this information may help. Continue reading

Give yourself enough time and space

As one of the premier providers of skip hire in Wiltshire we make it a point to offer our clients an unrivalled experience. As the years have passed, we have accumulated much knowledge, not only on waste disposal, but on the area as well. This has enabled us to give customers the very finest of services. Offering an impressive collection of skips at reasonable rates, our company should be your number one choice. Continue reading

Could recycling asbestos soon be an option?

Whenever someone is in desperate need of asbestos removal in Wiltshire our talented and professional team can deliver a great service. Being 100% aware of the substance and the dire threat that it poses, we practice only the safest methods of removal at our company. Dedicated towards keeping everyone safe, we are the ones to call whenever the material is present in a property and needs to be safely dealt with. Continue reading

Knowing your measurements can help prevent overloading

Over the past twenty years, we have built up quite the reputation for ourselves as one of the most dependable providers of skip hire in Wiltshire. Offering skips of varying sizes to suit differing circumstances, we aim to supply you with a means of waste disposal like no other. Perfect for a number of situations, our skips should be your first choice when you need to clear a property or site. Continue reading

Keep your workplace safe from asbestos

Within Wiltshire, we are known far and wide as one of the top providers of waste disposal and skip hire services. While we primarily deal in hiring out skips to domestic, commercial and industrial clients, another crucial area of our business is the asbestos removal work we conduct. Carefully planned and carried out with the upmost safety, our removal efforts always meet the highest standards. Continue reading