Could recycling asbestos soon be an option?

Whenever someone is in desperate need of asbestos removal in Wiltshire our talented and professional team can deliver a great service. Being 100% aware of the substance and the dire threat that it poses, we practice only the safest methods of removal at our company. Dedicated towards keeping everyone safe, we are the ones to call whenever the material is present in a property and needs to be safely dealt with.

Once it has been removed, asbestos is normally moved to a dedicated site where it can be disposed of. This might not be the only choice available however. Researchers have discovered chemical operations that could potentially break down the detrimental material, allowing them to be reutilised safely.

A study that occurred in Italy examined the process known as mechanochemical transformation to see if it could stabilise asbestos waste and make it safe for reuse. Essentially, it looked into altering amphibole and chrysotile asbestos into an original amorphous compound. The process breaks down those chemical bonds in substances by way of chemical reaction, which in this case is grinding. This changes the material’s overall composition.

During the experiment, a high-speed mill was used to grind a number of asbestos containing waste samples. What they found was that they had the means to effectively break down asbestos fibres. An evaluation of their samples concluded that the asbestos had completely converted into an amorphous condition within roughly four minutes.

The U.S. Department of Energy carried out their own study into using a sodium hydroxide bath to remove asbestos from metals. The idea was that the liquid would stop fibres from becoming airborne. Leftover residue of the asbestos and strong base can be put through a melting process in order to transform it into glass or glass-ceramic. The final product wouldn’t be hazardous, and both the glass and metal could be safely utilised.

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