Safe asbestos removal is paramount

It is (or should be) common knowledge that asbestos is extremely dangerous. This has been discovered and proven over the years, with research showing it to be immensely harmful if inhaled, leading to asbestosis and eventually death. Therefore, removing it has to be done carefully. At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips, a leading provider of asbestos removal Wiltshire property owners can rely on, we understand the importance of safety. Some companies sadly don’t.

Recently, supposed accredited asbestos removal companies have been caught in the act of not disposing of the materials properly. Some cases have received the justice deserved, owing to the fact that the consequences of improper handling of the material are dire. In the circumstances when the asbestos is in poor condition, this is when it is most likely to release fibres.

Not only are the materials being disposed of in a dangerous manner harmful to us, but it is also very much against the law. Asbestos was formerly used often in construction industries as it was found to be chemical and heat resistant; little did they know it is a carcinogenic substance which can cause many diseases. This is why it is illegal to now use and the law clearly sets out how the material must be removed and disposed of.

Any wrong actions regarding asbestos removal can result in exposure to the substance. It is very difficult to control how far this spreads as fibres can be dispersed over a wide area on the air. They also cling to clothes and will be spread further by everybody who comes into contact with them.

Basically, it should be known that asbestos requires safe removal and should never be removed by someone who is not certified to do so. Sourcing an insured and fully trained contractor is always best; this shouldn’t be considered a nuisance as safety is paramount.

At 1st Choice Mini Skips, we specialise in providing asbestos removal Wiltshire clients can rely on to always be safe. We are highly trained and can assure you of a thorough job where all legal regulations are followed. If you require our services then please contact us today.