Be safe to protect yourself from the dangers of asbestos

There are countless materials that require the right removal and disposal methods. This is important so that you can be responsible, help the environment, and remain safe. Our expert services for asbestos removal Wiltshire can rely on are one example of this.

In the past, the popularity of asbestos resulted in it being used in countless buildings. This naturally occurring material has excellent fire protection and insulating properties. Now though, people are aware of the negatives of this using it.

Harmful Fibres

Exposure to fine asbestos fibres is a serious health hazard that can cause a number of issues. It can result in cancer of the lung and another form known as mesothelioma. Along with this is asbestosis which is scarring of the lung and pleural thickening where the lining of the lungs swells.

A building built before the year 2000 might contain asbestos. This is due to how common it was to use. You can find it in building materials of different kinds such as pipe insulation, sprayed coatings, and ceiling tiles. Artex is yet another example where safe work is crucial.

Correct Disposal Methods

Sometimes, you will find warning signs indicating that there is asbestos. This is not always the case though as there might be some that people are not aware of. The danger comes from when people disturb it. This makes fibres airborne where people breathe them in. Asbestos which is in good condition and where people cannot damage it does not pose a risk.

Where possible, you shouldn’t disturb asbestos but it is necessary sometimes to remove it. If this is the case then you need to call in specialists who can help remove and dispose of it.

Speak to our experts when you have asbestos that you need to dispose of. This is regardless of the size of it to ensure the safety of workers and anyone else in the area. 1st Choice Mini Time Skips Ltd provides expert services to the community. If you are ever in need of the specialist asbestos removal Wiltshire can count on, get in touch.