Seeking alternatives for non skip friendly materials

Waste disposal services simply don’t get much better than the ones provided at our establishment. With a comprehensive range of skips and an unrivalled level of customer service, the experience that you’ll have with us shall most assuredly be a positive one. Skip hire in Wiltshire is where we excel the most.

Ideal for a myriad of applications, including those related to the commercial, domestic and industrial sector, a skip is your best friend when dealing with a large amount of waste. Even the smallest ones can hold a lot of rubbish and facilitate quick removal.

One of the largest challenges that a homeowner faces when hiring a skip is what to do with all the materials that cannot be placed inside. The list of items not appropriate for placing in skips is rather understandable, with the general rule being no toxic or hazardous products. With so many objects deemed unsuitable, you need to be aware of what other choices are available to you.

Toxic and hazardous is a broad term in reality. It covers a considerable range of things, with some possessing harmful characteristics and others not. Paint for example is regarded as hazardous. An open tin can contaminate the contents of your skip and harm the environment. Fortunately there are disposal options specifically for all of these items.

There are many cases when donation is a good alternative to disposal. Items like kitchen appliances and electrical goods can be donated rather than thrown away, especially if there’s no major damage. While fridges and freezers can be legally disposed of in some instances, doing so incorrectly can leave you with a massive fine.

At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips we will be able to advise you on the best course of action should your waste be deemed unsuitable for being placed in a skip. Our commitment to customer needs has never been stronger and the only thing we want is to make certain that all of your rubbish is dealt with properly.

If you would like to discuss skip hire in Wiltshire further, or have questions about specific materials, please contact us.