Are skips hygienic?

Over the years we have been very happy to discuss the benefits our skip hire services bring to you. We trust that the information provided has always answered most of the questions you have. As part of our commitment towards delivering as much information as possible about using a skip, what we’d like to do is take some time to address concerns people have about how hygienic using one is.

There is, to be honest, no way that we or any other professional could ever try to claim that working with waste is hygienic. By the very nature of what it is there is always the risk of coming in contact with unhygienic contaminants. Whilst we take all the necessary care and precautions possible in ensuring that clean and, when required, disinfected skips are delivered to you, as soon as waste is placed in one of them then the risks become relevant. As they cannot be avoided, they must be managed.

To keep you, your family and those working at your property as hygienic as possible when making use of our skip services we recommend that our valued customers take a few precautions. One of the most important of these is to make sure you wear gloves when loading waste into a skip. Your hands are the point where you are, in most cases, going to come into contact with the rubbish so it’s important to make sure they are protected. A thorough washing for hands after handling it is also something we would consider essential.

The way in which waste is placed in a skip can also enable you to make using it as hygienic as possible. Whilst it’s understandable that building rubble would be loaded straight into it, where possible other waste should be bagged up. This approach limits how dirty you’re going to get whilst loading, and in the long term helps to prevent the contents of the skip getting unhygienic as you work.

As a standard part of the comprehensive skip hire we provide to Wiltshire we are always happy to provide all the help and guidance you’ll need about how best to load up your waste and refuse. By the very nature of the materials it’s impossible to remove rubbish in a 100% hygienic way, but we’ll happily show you how to do it in a manner that gets as close to that as possible. We can even offer enclosed skips when extra protection is needed.