The trouble with asbestos in old houses

As specialist skip providers, we do our best to make certain that every customer ends up satisfied. This is only one element of our company however; there is another side to us that you might not know about. Using approved techniques and tools, we deal with any harmful materials that are deemed a threat by our clients. As one of the best businesses for asbestos removal Wiltshire has to offer, we are the people to contact if you believe that there are any risks to your own health.
For a time, asbestos was very widely used because of its fire proof characteristics. It was incorporated into a wide array of different products including tiles for roofs and floors, wallboards, and textured coatings. The extensive usage came before people realised the link to severe health conditions.

If you are the owner of an older house, have a visual inspection conducted on all of your furnace air ducts and hot water pipes. See if your insulation or asbestos materials are falling to pieces, and if they are, don’t disturb them under any circumstances. Should you cause them to unsettle, the resulting asbestos dust can end up spreading through the structure.

Certain kinds of insulation do take on a similar appearance, but in truth, they are either mineral or fibreglass-based mediums, which aren’t too dangerous. However, looking alone isn’t adequate enough to tell you whether something contains asbestos. In every instance, it’s better to be safe than sorry and have a material sample examined by a professional.

At 1st Choice Mini Time Skips, we know all about the hazards associated with the material and how vital it is to be rid of it. Dependable, trustworthy, and as careful as can be, our team will not only cleanse your property, but shall also take steps to ensure that you’re completely content with the results.

If you suspect that you need help from the best team for asbestos removal Wiltshire has, get in touch with us immediately.