Use common sense and be safe when loading skips

We are a leading company and, as a result, we focus on delivering a superb service to our customers. This includes one that it is affordable, dependable, and safe. We are more than happy to provide people with advice on topics like staying safe in order to provide the best service possible. That being said, below you will find some examples of common sense to keep in mind when using the skip hire Wiltshire loves.

Prepare for the skip

Think about where the skip will go before we deliver it. The location in question must be flat, stable, and free of obstructions. This will make it easier for people to load rubbish into the skip. Additionally, there will be a lower risk of injury. Be aware that you might need a permit and safety equipment if you plan on putting it on a public road.

Take care with the delivery

Make it clear to the driver on the delivery day where you want the skip to go. Ensure there aren’t any obstructions in the area and there are no people, children, or pets close by that could get hurt. Never try and move the skip once we have delivered it. The weight could result in you hurting yourself as well as damaging the property or the skip.

Is your waste suitable?

Never put anything hazardous into a skip as these substances have their own rules and guidelines for disposal. Some of them, such as asbestos, require specialist methods to ensure safety. You need to take others like fridges and WEEE items to a recycling centre to deal with them. There are certain items that skip companies cannot accept. We would be happy to discuss this with you in further detail when you reach out to us.

Load responsibly

The best and most efficient approach is to place heavier and bigger items in a skip first and then place the lighter and smaller items on the top. With items that weigh more, take care with how you carry and load them. Get an extra pair of hands if possible in order to avoid injury.

Ordering the best skip hire in Wiltshire

We hope that you will keep this information in mind when using us and the skip hire Wiltshire trusts for a fantastic service. If you ever have any queries about our work or want to book an affordable skip, feel free to reach out to 1st Choice.